Groundwork for Success: Growing Pleached Trees in a New Build Garden | The Complete Guide to Pleached Trees

Groundwork for Success: Growing Pleached Trees in a New Build Garden

When planning to cultivate pleached trees in a new build garden, it's important to tackle the unique soil challenges that arise during construction. The soil, often concealing a multitude of issues, demands careful consideration before planting your new trees.

Challenges of Soil in New Build Gardens

Construction in new developments typically involves the removal of existing topsoil, leading to compacted subsoil due to construction traffic. Additionally, debris and surplus aggregates may be buried, resulting in an unnatural soil profile that poses unfavorable conditions for plant roots.

Benefit from Soil Analysis

Conducting a thorough soil analysis is vital to assess the quality of imported topsoil. This analysis provides valuable information about soil type, texture, pH, organic matter content, and major plant nutrients. Armed with these insights, you can make well-informed decisions regarding soil enhancement.

Enhance Soil Quality through Cultivation

Improving soil quality through cultivation is paramount. Consider the admittedly,  labour intensive approach of double digging the entire garden to remove debris and alleviate compacted subsoil.

Boost Nutrient Levels for Optimal Growth

Plants rely on an array of nutrients for robust growth. Given that most new build soils are deficient in nutrients, spread organic matter across the prepared soil and fork it in. Applying a general-purpose fertiliser can further enhance nutrient levels.

Select High-Quality Topsoil

If you opt to acquire additional topsoil, ensure it complies with British Standards. This ensures that your garden receives top-quality topsoil.

Consider Large Raised Beds or Containers

If your soil quality is extremely poor and you prefer not to amend it, consider the creation of raised beds or the use of large pots as alternatives.

By diligently addressing these soil-related challenges and taking proactive measures to enhance soil quality, you can establish a vastly improved environment for pleached trees to thrive in your new build garden.

The Complete Guide to Pleached Trees
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Caring for Your New Pleached Trees

With Love & Care

For practical guidance and tips about looking after pleached trees, check out our Caring for Your New Pleached Trees series. This ensures your trees get off to the best start, from delivery through their critical first two years. Remember to check on your new trees regularly and provide essential care such as staking, watering, pruning, and fertilising as needed. This will help your pleached trees thrive. Happy gardening!

Caring for Your New Pleached Trees
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