Answers to our most frequently asked questions

Choosing the right pleached trees for your garden

What size trees do I need?

This handy size chart is here to show you the different choices you have for clear stem and stem girth. A visual guide, helping you get a feel for the sizes and how much foliage each option brings with a growing season on the frame. We hope this gives you an idea of the relative sizes and foliage cover – this is not intended to be an exact representation for each species of tree. If you would like a photo of a particular size and species of tree, please contact us. We are here to find your garden's perfect fit!

Clear Stem

The clear stem in pleached trees means the straight part of the tree trunk without any branches. It is measured from the base of the tree to the base of the pleach frame and where the foliage begins. Our trees are available in 100cm, 150cm, 180cm, and 200cm clear stems. Some times you may be see pleached trees referred to as half standard (circa 100-150cm) or standard (circa 180-200cm) trees. When considering the overall height of the clear stem and pleach frame, please bear in mind, young, freshly-pleached trees do not yet cover the entire pleach frame's full height.

Pleached tree clear stem sizes

Stem Girth

The stem girth refers to the measurement around the trunk of the tree. It's a way to quantify the thickness or circumference of the tree trunk. Measuring the stem girth is important for assessing the tree's maturity. Typically, the greater the stem girth, the greater the maturity and foliage cover. Young, freshly-pleached trees do not yet cover the entire pleach frame, however with the proper care they will flourish over the coming growing seasons. Please bear this in mind when selecting your stem girth. Our trees are available in 6-8cm, 8-10cm, 10-12cm, 12-14cm, and 14-16cm stem girths.

Pleached tree stem girths

Choosing the Right Clear Stem and Stem Girth for Your Garden

When selecting a pleached tree, the right clear stem and stem girth depend on your preferences and needs. If budget is a concern, opt for a younger, freshly pleached tree with a 6-8cm stem girth, which with the proper care, will grow to fill its frame in the coming years. For a more instant screening effect, choose a tree with a minimum stem girth of 14cm+ (depending on species). If you plan to use the tree for screening over a wall or fence, the height will determine the clear stem.

Our most popular choice is a pleached tree with a 12-14cm stem girth and a clear stem height of 180cm. This combination strikes a balance, providing a good height, some screening in the first growing season, and excellent value for money. It's a well-rounded option that caters to various landscaping preferences and offers a practical and cost-effective solution.

Clear stem and stem girth sizes on pleached trees

Bespoke Sizes Available

Our standard pleach frames measure 120cm x 120cm, but we understand the need for flexibility in size. That's why we're pleased to offer custom pleaching tailored to your preferences.

How many trees do I need?

To calculate the number of trees needed, divide the width of the boundary by the frame width (standard width is 120cm). Round down if needed, with a small buffer between trees.

If your boundary is not divisible by 120cm and/or you would like a specific number of trees, we can custom pleach bespoke frame widths of up to 180cm.

Which trees provide instant privacy?

Choose an evergreen with the widest stem girth possible. A larger stem girth usually means greater maturity, foliage cover, and better privacy screening.

I need trees on a wider/taller pleach frame, can you help?

We've listened to our customers and understand the need for size flexibility. That's why we're excited to offer custom pleaching tailored to your preferences.

Choose Your Perfect Frame Size

Our standard pleach frames measure 120cm x 120cm, however custom-made frames are available with a width or height up to 180cm. Please note that custom pleached trees will require additional time to mature and fully occupy the frame. Some tree species and stem girths are more adaptable than others.

Custom frames are priced at £50 per frame and the lead time is approximately 6 weeks.

Please call 0330 818 7142 or email info@justpleachy.co.uk for more information, to discuss suitability or to arrange a bespoke order

How long do the bamboo pleach frames last?

The lifespan of the bamboo pleached frames can vary depending on the environmental conditions it's exposed to. Generally, a well-maintained bamboo pleached frame can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. As the bamboo frame naturally starts to deteriorate over time, you have a couple of options for maintenance. You can either remove the frames if the trees have matured enough to hold their shape independently, or you can replace sections with new bamboo. Replacement bamboo is readily available at local garden centres, making it easy to maintain your pleached trees.

Can I speak to someone to narrow down the options?

Absolutely! Our team is available via email or online chat from 8am-8pm daily, or you can call us on 0330 133 9080 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Can I see a photo of the particular tree I'm interested in?

Certainly! We're more than happy to send you any photos we have on file. While we're diligently building our photo library, please note that we may not have a photo for every variant available.

Our sales and customer service team is based in Hampshire, but many of our trees are located in the Norfolk or Cheshire nurseries. These trees are typically in common sizes and are among our best-selling species. We regularly take photos in the nurseries and aim to update our website with these images as frequently as possible.

For more specific sizes or species, we collaborate with nurseries to import trees from European growers, mainly in Italy or Holland. For example, our Camellias are imported to order. Providing real-time photos of these imported trees can be challenging, but we can often show you photos of the same species, albeit in a slightly different size or from previous years.

The same limitation applies to custom pleaching. Since these trees are tailored to order, we can't provide a photo beforehand due to their bespoke nature. However, we can show you images of other custom pleaching projects we've completed.

We understand it’s reassuring to know the plant you're buying is in great shape and health, which is why we conduct rigorous checks on every plant leaving our nursery. If you can't find a photo of the tree you're interested in, please contact us.

Can you help me find a particular tree?

If you're looking for a specific size or species, please contact us, and we'll do our best to help.

Which trees are suitable if I have pets?

We are to help you create a beautiful outdoor space while prioritising the well-being of your beloved pets. We've referenced the HTA Guide to Potentially Harmful Plants, 3rd Edition (2022), and created our Pet-friendly collection. We created this collection based on the HTA guide to help you filter out known offenders. However, it's important to note that any plant material can cause vomiting and gastrointestinal upset if ingested by dogs or cats, and no species is entirely pet-safe. Therefore, it remains the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the selected species aligns with their own needs of their pets before completing an order.

Which trees are suitable if I have hayfever?

Choose a low-pollen species (such as Magnolia) and keep the trees well-watered to reduce stress, as stressed trees produce more pollen as a survival instinct. Planting pleached trees may also act as a barrier, shielding the garden from larger pollen-producing trees.

Ordering your pleached trees

I'm nervous about using an online retailer. Will Just Pleachy be a good experience?

Yes! Although we do understand that many customers may feel wary about using an online retailer instead of a local garden centre. However, please rest assured that Just Pleachy is a leading online retailer specialising in pleached trees and our experienced team is here to help.

The main nursery is located in Norfolk, and the nursery manager began his career in the outdoor industry in 2017, starting as a gardener with over 250 clients in his first year. In 2020, he established the nursery, collaborating with gardeners and landscapers across the UK to deliver excellent products and services nationwide. Our office team has decades of experience in customer service, sales, and web development, ensuring a smooth pre- and post-purchasing experience both online and offline. Just Pleachy was featured in Ideal Home as a trusted expert on pleached trees, and we are proud of our many 5-star reviews from certified buyers.

Unlike local garden centres, which may have limited pleached tree choices, at Just Pleachy, we offer a wide range of species and sizes. Forget the hassle of transporting them, as dedicated lorries will deliver them to your door. You can reach us by phone, email or chat, and we operate extended customer service hours during the peak season.

Where are you based?

We are an online-only retailer with our sales and customer service team based in Hampshire. When you call or chat with us, you are talking to a real person here in the UK! Our trees are located in nurseries in Norfolk and Cheshire. For specialist sizes or species, we collaborate with these nurseries to import trees from European growers, primarily in Italy and Holland.

Can I come and see the trees?

We're an online-only retailer. To deliver high-quality plants at reasonable prices, we have opted out of having a physical garden centre. Instead, we work with nurseries in rural areas to efficiently deliver plants from the nursery to your garden. For very large orders, we may arrange a nursery visit. Please contact us to arrange this.

Can I reserve trees?

Unfortunately, we do not offer tree reservations. With the high volume of pleaching and deliveries we handle daily, especially during peak season (March-June), we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Rest assured, even if a particular tree is in high demand, we can source it for you. The nursery collaborates with multiple growers, including those in Europe, enabling us to bring in additional trees as needed. While the typical delivery time for many trees in the nursery is approximately 10-15 working days, we recommend allowing up to 30 days to ensure we can procure the specific trees you need.

Can I buy just 1 or 2 trees?

Yes, but we need to charge shipping. £60 for shipping of 2 trees and £120 on 1 tree in mainland England and Wales.

Will you price-match?

We aim to offer competitive prices for high-quality trees. While we can't guarantee a price match, please contact us if you find a comparable tree at a lower price, and we'll do our best to match it.

Do you offer trade discounts?

We collaborate with gardeners, landscapers, and developers to arrange orders on behalf of customers for their personal use. We can work together to maximise your client’s budget, especially for large orders. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation. Please note that resale is strictly prohibited.

Is it safe to buy online through your website?

Absolutely. We strive to provide our customers with a safe and smooth customer experience. We use SSL encryption technology and offer secure payment options from trusted providers. Rest assured that your credit card information is encrypted, and none of your card digits are stored. Your security is our priority.

Will I get confirmation of my order?

As soon as we receive your order, we'll send out confirmation to your email address. This just means we've received your order in our system and we've pre-authorised your payment method ready for your purchase.

I placed my order but did not receive a confirmation email, why?

If you recently placed your order and didn't immediately receive a confirmation email from us, then there might be a few issues we can look into:

  • Our emails might be going to your junk or spam folder
  • There might have been a misspelling when you entered your email address during checkout
  • Your email server has very strong spam filters and is identifying our emails as spam so the emails aren't going through.

Please contact us to request the confirmation email is resent.

What happens after I receive my order confirmation and when will you take payment?

After you order, our system will run security checks and pre-authorise your payment method, ensuring it is ready for your purchase. Our office team will then check with the nurseries to confirm the availability of your item(s) and arrange for dispatch as soon as possible.

If your item(s) are available for shipping (within 30 days), we'll process the order, capture your payment, and prepare your order for delivery. Our system keeps a pre-authorised payment open for a maximum of 7 days. The office team works daily and typically processes orders and captures payments within 2 working days from ordering.

If your item(s) are unavailable for delivery, we will remove the pre-authorisation from your payment method and contact you via email or telephone. We will promptly inform you of any delays.

Once our office team has processed your payment, your order moves to the nursery team for pleaching, and finally to the delivery team for dispatch.

Other than paying online, can I pay another way?

Our preferred payment method is online, due to the robust security measures in place, including SSL encryption. This ensures a safe transaction process for both you and us, with validation and certification processes carried out by our platform provider. However, if you are unable pay online or prefer not to, we understand. At the moment, we don't have a secure method for processing payments over the phone due to call recording procedures. While we may explore keypad payments through a partner for future transactions, this option is not yet available. However, we do accept BACs payments. If you would like to pay via BACs, please contact us, and we can provide you with the necessary details. Your security and convenience are important to us, and we're here to assist you with the payment method you prefer.

Can I stock or resell your trees or plants?

No. Our plants come with a plant passport to ensure their traceability. In accordance with our Plant Health Professional Operator registration (CRN: 147706), we sell only to consumers (final users) for personal use in mainland UK. Resale is strictly prohibited.

Delivery of your pleached trees

How much is delivery?

Trees and ready-made borders are available for free delivery throughout mainland England and Wales with minimum order of three trees or ready-made borders. If you need fewer trees, or are outside of the delivery region, please contact us for a quote. T&Cs apply. View the full delivery policy.

How long does delivery take?

The typical delivery time for many trees in the nursery is approximately 10-15 working days, we recommend allowing up to 30 days to ensure we can procure the specific trees needed. Unfortunately, we do not offer tree reservations. With the high volume of pleaching and deliveries we handle daily, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Rest assured, even if a particular tree is in high demand, we can source it for you. The nursery collaborates with multiple growers, including those in Europe, enabling us to bring in additional trees as needed. This timeframe may vary depending on the number of trees ordered and the delivery postcode. We advise placing your order promptly, as the sooner we can process your order, the sooner we can deliver your trees. View the full delivery policy.

Can I book a particular date for my delivery?

We're unable to provide confirmed delivery dates at the point of sale. Due to the complex nature of transporting trees, we work on a weekly delivery schedule and map our deliveries for efficiency. We will contact you to confirm your delivery date when we are in your area. However, we understand the importance of coordinating with your gardening schedule, so if the proposed date does not work with your schedule, we can reschedule your delivery to the next delivery schedule. While we try our best to accommodate your preferred week, please note that we are unable to offer specific delivery days or timed delivery slots. View the full delivery policy.

Why do you need my phone number?

Due to the complex nature of our deliveries, our drivers require a contact number to ensure the smooth delivery of your order. We won't give it to anyone else; it's kept private and confidential. Plus, if there are any issues with your order, we can contact you quickly and easily.

How heavy are the trees?

The weight of our trees varies depending on several factors such as the size of the tree, the species, and recent watering. Generally, 150cm clear stem trees with a 6-8cm stem girth typically weigh from 15-25kg, while 180cm clear stem trees with a 12-14cm stem girth typically weigh from 50-75kg. Very mature trees can weigh up to 150kg.

When my trees arrive, how easy is it to move the trees by myself?

Our trees are typically in 30L pots, and the average tree weighs around 50kg. While they're designed to be manageable for customers to move, having an extra pair of hands can make the process easier. Our delivery team is also fantastic and experienced in assisting customers with moving trees. However, it's important to note that we are unable to bring trees through your home or provide cranes for lifting trees.

Planting your pleached trees

Do you provide planting advice?

Our team is happy to provide general information and on each of our pleached tree pages, you'll find links to the RHS for their helpful guide and more details about each species. We have a comprehensive care guide titled "The Complete Guide to Pleached Trees". However, we are unable to offer specific advice on the suitability of tree types or species for particular purposes or locations. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the intended location and prevailing weather conditions are suitable, and to carefully consider the planning requirements for a specific tree before placing an order.

When should I plant my trees?

Our potted trees are suitable for planting all year round, except when the ground is frozen or during droughts – but this applies to most plants.

What spacing is recommended and how far apart can you plant pleached trees?

Pleached trees are designed to create a uniform screen, so they are typically planted edge-to-edge. However, depending on the length of the boundary, a small buffer of 5-10cm can also work. This slight gap can be closed over time by training the branches to fill the space. If your boundary length does not divide evenly by 120cm (the standard width frame) and you want an exact fit we do offer custom pleaching.

How close to my fence can I plant my trees?

You can plant your pleached trees close to the fence. However, we recommend stepping them in slightly to ensure there's enough space for pruning and adjusting the frame as needed. This allows for proper maintenance and healthy growth.

Can I plant my trees near my house and are the roots invasive?

Leave a sensible distance when planting near your or your neighbour's property to allow for growth and maintenance. Most of our trees do not have invasive root systems, making them suitable for planting near buildings. However, Eucalyptus is an exception and has more invasive roots.

What size pots do your trees come in?

The typical tree pot size is around 35L, with an approximate 45cm diameter and 35cm height.

How deep does the hole for planting need to be?

The typical tree pot size is around 35L, with an approximate 45cm diameter and 35cm height. Aim for around 1.5 times the size of the original pot, wide enough to accommodate the root ball of the tree. Watch Award-Winning Designer & BBC1's Garden Rescue Presenter, Garden Ninja Lee Burkhill, explain the process in this fantastic "How to Plant Pleached Trees" video.

Should I remove the wire around the rootball when planting?

Most of our trees are pot-grown and will arrive potted. However, between October and March, some may have a rootball. You may wish to leave the wire around the rootball when planting.

Can I plant the trees in pots, containers, or raised beds?

Yes, pleached trees can indeed be grown in pots, containers, or raised beds. When selecting a container for your pleached trees, it's important to ensure it offers enough space for their roots to spread comfortably. Adequate depth and width are crucial to accommodate their root systems. Our potted trees typically have a pot size of around 35L, with an approximate diameter of 45cm and a height of 35cm. We recommend using larger and heavier pots to prevent the trees from toppling over. Additionally, it's advisable to stake your trees and secure your pots to maintain stability. Ensure the container has drainage holes to prevent waterlogged soil, which can be detrimental to tree health. Regular watering is essential to maintain soil moisture levels, and applying a balanced fertilizer can support their growth and vitality.

What's the minimum border or container size needed for planting?

The border depth is up to you, as long as it allows for the size of the pot. You can opt for slim borders, around 50cm, or deeper borders, approximately 120cm, which allow for underplanting.

How should I prepare my border for planting pleached trees?

It is best to have a clear, flat, well-draining border that is free of weeds. If your garden is on a slope, try to level it as much as possible beforehand. However, it is possible to plant pleached trees slightly deeper (up to 20cm) to achieve visually level foliage.

Do I have to buy staking kits?

No, but we highly recommend adding our staking kits to your order. They offer stability and help your new trees get off to the best start. Our kits are affordably priced.

Can I tie my trees to my fence instead of buying a staking kit?

We do hear of customers doing this, but we would always recommend a standalone staking kit for each tree. In high winds the trees could cause a sail effect.

Can you plant the pleached trees for me?

Yes, we partner with trusted contractors who have extensive experience in planting pleached trees. Our planting service includes tree planting, staking kits, irrigation hosing, and fertiliser.

How does irrigation hosing work?

Irrigation hosing is included in the planting service. You simply lay it on the ground in and around the plants, plug it in with your normal outside tap outlet and it leaks water right onto the soil minimising watering time, water waste and unnecessary evaporation.

I've opted for a young pleached tree, how much growth can I expect each year?

The annual growth rate of a young pleached tree can vary based on the species, growing conditions, and care. Generally, pleached trees are pruned to maintain their size and shape, so as the tree matures, the growing energy goes into thickening up the foliage for better screening. As a rule of thumb, young pleached trees typically increase by one stem girth size (1-2cm) each year. This increase in stem girth is accompanied by an increase in the density of the foliage. By providing the right conditions and care, you can expect your pleached tree to thrive and grow at a steady pace.

Caring for your plants

How do I care for my pleached trees and ready-made border plants?

All plants need proper care to be happy and thrive. You can find the pleached tree care guide, where you'll discover all the tips and tricks to keep them looking their best. For further information or assistance, we recommend checking out the Royal Horticultural Society's website. It's a fantastic resource with a wealth of knowledge to help you care for your plants and let Mother Nature work her magic.

How often do I need to prune my pleached trees?

As a general rule of thumb, pruning your pleached trees twice a year is recommended. However, for more detailed guidance, be sure to check out the pruning guide.

Do pleached trees grow taller?

Generally, pleached trees are designed to maintain their size and shape through pruning. We recommend trimming your trees at least once a year to maintain their shape, similar to a traditional hedge. Some species, like Nellie R. Stevens, are slower-growing and require less maintenance than faster-growing varieties like Leylandii. However, you don't have to limit the foliage to the edges of the pleach frames once your tree reaches that stage. However, you don't have to let the foliage stop at the edges of the pleach frames once your tree reaches that stage. These frames are there for the training stage, acting like a skeleton. Once the foliage thickens up, you will be able to keep the foliage on top to whatever dimensions work for you. Growth patterns can vary between species.

Do you offer a plant guarantee?

No. We do not offer plant guarantees. Plants can deteriorate quickly without the right care. Especially when customers plant the trees themselves, as numerous factors beyond our control can affect plant health, including environmental conditions, pests, soil quality, watering practices, and after-care.

Instead, we prioritise providing high-quality and great-value pleached trees and plants to our customers. While we don't provide a plant guarantee, it's essential to note that all our plants undergo thorough quality checks before leaving the nursery.

We've published a care guide designed to support you in maintaining your trees from delivery through the crucial initial two years until they're fully established. Regular observations for signs such as yellowing leaves, disease, and pests are crucial.

We cannot be held responsible for the condition of the plant or any pests or diseases that might develop in the new environment.