Seasonal Interest: Should I Choose Evergreen or Deciduous?

When it comes to pleached trees, the choice between evergreen and deciduous varieties can significantly impact your garden's seasonal appeal. Each type has its unique advantages, offering different aesthetic and practical benefits. Let's delve into the considerations of evergreen and deciduous pleached trees to help you make an informed decision.

Year-Round Greenery with Evergreens

Opting for evergreen pleached trees ensures your garden remains lush and green throughout the year. These trees maintain their foliage even in the depths of winter, providing consistent structure and privacy. Enjoy the sight of vibrant leaves even when other plants have shed theirs.

Seasonal Drama of Deciduous Trees

On the other hand, deciduous pleached trees offer a captivating display of seasonal changes. Witness the vibrant colours of autumn as their leaves turn shades of gold, orange, and red before gracefully falling. In spring, welcome fresh, new growth that ushers in a sense of renewal and growth.

Choosing Based on Your Garden's Personality

The decision between evergreen and deciduous pleached trees ultimately depends on your garden's character and your preferences. Consider whether you desire year-round greenery or enjoy the dynamic beauty of changing seasons. Both options can enhance your garden's charm when chosen thoughtfully.

Whether you opt for the timeless green of evergreens or the seasonal drama of deciduous trees, pleached trees are a versatile addition to your outdoor space.

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Caring for Your New Pleached Trees

With Love & Care

For practical guidance and tips about looking after pleached trees, check out our Caring for Your New Pleached Trees series. This ensures your trees get off to the best start, from delivery through their critical first two years. Remember to check on your new trees regularly and provide essential care such as staking, watering, pruning, and fertilising as needed. This will help your pleached trees thrive. Happy gardening!

Caring for Your New Pleached Trees
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