24-month Planting Guarantee

Just Pleachy works with Harrod Outdoors to provide the planting servcie. Your planting guarentee is with Harrod Outdoors Limited ("the Company"). This guarentee is only applicable to plants that were planted by the Company.

Harrod Outdoors Limited ("the Company") acknowledges the importance of customer satisfaction and quality assurance. Hence, we provide a 24-month limited warranty ("Guarantee") accompanying pleached trees ("Goods"), which have been planted by our team and that have had irrigation installed by the Company, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Plant survival rates: We allocate Goods with a 'Plant Survival Rate', we give this figure as a percentage. It represents the total number of plants we expect to survive. This figure is an industry average derived from years of collected data internally and externally. Some varieties are generally more resilient and establish better, other varieties like beech have a naturally lower survival rate.

Pleached Trees 95%+

Quality Assurance: All Goods undergo rigorous quality control and phytosanitary assessments before dispatch or planting to enhance their survival chances. The Company also provides each customer with a Plant Care Guide ("Guide") to assist in the correct maintenance of the plants.

5-Step-Check: As a part of our 'Quality Assurance', our plants go through a 5 step- check to ensure that the quality passed 5steps of quality control. These checks are carried out by Defra, The Animal Plant and Health Agency, Border Control, (If plants arrive internationally), Our own nursery manager, this is to ensure that before the plants arrive with you, our customer, the plants are up to 100% quality without bacterial, fungal and pest problems, or any other potential problems. The goods we supply also have a batch number, this batch number can be tracked back to the original batch of plants, our own safekeeping of plants, and other customers plants. This is for checking to see fi a problem arises, fi this problem is an isolated incident or fi there is a problem with the batch.

Limited Warranty: The Company guarantees the replacement of Goods that fail within the first 24 months from the date of purchase, given that failure is not a consequence of improper care or conditions outside our control. This guarantee excludes circumstances such as neglect (including but not limited to inadequate watering, nutrient provision, over-pruning, and over watering as outlined by the Guide), pre-existing soil diseases, and natural disasters (including but not limited to strong winds, heavy frost, flooding).

Replacement & Compensation: If, for example, an order of 20 pleached trees is made, and the Goods' natural survival rate is 95%, you would be eligible for up to 19 replacements. The Company reserves the right to inspect the failed plants formally, conducted by our experienced botanist, to confirm they meet our guidelines for replacement. The delivery costs for replaced plants are not covered by this Guarantee and are non-refundable.

Plant Guarantee Claim Process: This section provides a step-by-step guide on how to make a claim under our 24-month Plant Guarantee, following UK consumer protection guidelines.

Reporting Early Signs: If you notice your plant showing any signs of problems, such as yellowing leaves, signs of disease, leaves falling off, or anything unusual, it's essential you let Harrod Outdoors Limited know straight away. This is to ensure we can either help you rectify the issue or validate your guarantee, but you must inform us within 24 months of purchase. We urge our customers not to wait until the plant is beyond saving as this will invalidate your plant guarantee, see 'Plant Death' section below.

Living goods: It is important to remember that the plants we supply are living goods. The plants may be affected by geographical issues, watering problems, general seasonality, or other consequences. These are often the same issues the plants face naturally, making them resilient and prepared for certain circumstances. At Harrod Outdoor we work with growers that have been in the plant industry for sometimes hundreds of years. This means that the goods we supply have the best start possible.

How to Make a Claim

To start a claim under the guarantee:

1. Send an email to chandler@harrodsoutdoor.com.

2. In your email, please include:

  • Your full name.
  • The invoice number from when you bought the plant.
  • A contact phone number where we can reach you.
  • Clear photos showing the issues with the plant.

After You've Made a Claim: Once we get your email, we'll review the details and get back to you with our decision or any further steps.

Important Note About Plant Death

If you tell us that your plant has died and cannot be saved, we will assume that this was due to not taking proper care of the plant. In such cases, the guarantee won't apply, and we won't be able to offer a replacement or refund.

We've put this process in place to ensure clear communication between us and our valued customers, always aiming to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, punitive, or other loss or damage connected with your purchase or use of any Goods.

Termination: The Company reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Guarantee at its sole discretion, subject to compliance with any applicable UK laws and regulations.

Governing Law: This Guarantee shall be governed by and construed under the laws of England and Wales. This Guarantee gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For questions or further information, please contact our Customer Service department.