Elevated Elegance: Can Pleached Trees Be Grown in Pots, Containers or Raised Beds? | The Complete Guide to Pleached Trees

Elevated Elegance: Can Pleached Trees Be Grown in Pots, Containers or Raised Beds?

These elegant trees demand ample root space and thoughtful care to flourish in confined quarters. In this guide, we'll delve into the art of growing pleached trees in containers, exploring the choice of containers, essential care practices, and the rewarding results you can achieve

Growing Pleached Trees in Pots, Containers or Raised Beds

Yes, it is indeed possible to grow pleached trees in pots, containers or raised beds. However, it's essential to consider that pleached trees require ample root space to thrive and develop properly. Planting them in containers can limit their growth potential. Ensure you provide a container with good soil quality and excellent drainage to support their growth.

Choosing the Right Container

When selecting a container for your pleached trees, opt for one that offers enough space for their roots to spread comfortably. Adequate depth and width are crucial to accommodate their root systems. Our potted trees typically have a pot size of around 35L, with an approximate diameter of 45cm and a height of 35cm. We recommend using larger and heavier pots to prevent the trees from toppling over. Also, we recommend staking your trees and securing your pots. Ensure the container has drainage holes to prevent waterlogged soil, which can be detrimental to tree health.

Caring for Container-Grown Pleached Trees

Container-grown pleached trees require vigilant care, as they are more susceptible to drying out than those planted in the ground. Regular watering is essential to maintain soil moisture levels. Additionally, consider providing them with a balanced fertiliser to support their growth and vitality.

While growing pleached trees in containers is possible, it's important to be aware of their specific needs and limitations. By choosing the right container, ensuring proper care, and understanding their growth requirements, you can enjoy the elegance of pleached trees in a more confined space.

The Complete Guide to Pleached Trees
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Caring for Your New Pleached Trees

With Love & Care

For practical guidance and tips about looking after pleached trees, check out our Caring for Your New Pleached Trees series. This ensures your trees get off to the best start, from delivery through their critical first two years. Remember to check on your new trees regularly and provide essential care such as staking, watering, pruning, and fertilising as needed. This will help your pleached trees thrive. Happy gardening!

Caring for Your New Pleached Trees
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